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Everything is Pop.

Black Cat Zoot

The code word is pop – yes, POP!

Not in the compulsory retarded way of superstars and starlets, but as a counterrevolution and universal expression of the i–generation.

A post-modernistic muscial comedy with the chliches and pawns of a bygone modern era, with loud and silent scraps of the present – a syncronous defueling of neuronal groups, every bit as surreal as brazenly danceable.

"If you want to be found,
stand where the seeker seeks."

On the recommendation of the American prince of poets Sidney Lanier, the booted black cat was seeking the warmth of the limelight, and roamed stages crisscross all over Europe for four years.

Do the feng,
just do it!

The Sweet Sensation reggae version...
Staropramen & No Swingin' In Your Walking.

Hey You,
Beer Me!

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