Mutable Transformer Act

Black Cat Zoot

- everything is Pop!

Whoever associates Lisa Miller's name with a mousey, little stepdaughter originating from Grimm's fairytales posesses powerful imagination, but nevertheless is wrong. Cause when seven Munich town musicians agreed upon a fabulous trickery in 2005, the ringleader of the rascals was bearing anything else in mind, but hiding her light under a bushel.

"If you want to be found, stand where the seeker seeks." On the recommendation of the American prince of poets Sidney Lanier, the booted black cat was seeking the warmth of the limelight, and roamed stages crisscross all over Europe for four years. With a ludicrous shake of funk, big beat, and everything that rattles, clatters, and rolls, BLACK CAT ZOOT released the musical cudgel in the sack and kicked up such a rumpus, that the lore of the groovy Teutonic house cat swashed overseas. In addition to a deal with Chicago's record label "quot;Jump Up Records" and the role as support act of well-known musicians, the band cranked out prestigious festival performances and before you knew it, a trickery became a plan.

"If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together." Although Watergate-rascal Nixon probably refered to something else, the whole keyboard of ideas was supposd to be used henceforward – black keys, white keys, version, and subversion. And so the MUTABLE TRANSFORMER ACT – the provoked paradigm shift as an artistical clearance – was accomplished in 2010 in Frankfurt's Hazelwood Studios with the assistance of the notorious producers dyad Two Horses and Kaneoka One. They are liable for the publications of illustrious acts like Mardi Gras. Bb, Daniel Johnston, The Miserable Rich, King Khan... (just to name a few), and have already worked together with superstars like Motörhead or Barry White.

What has been left is the joy to play of bygone days, which unfurls – freed from tradition and overcome etiquette – in a decade, genre, and style spanning coordinate system. The codeword is pop. Yes, POP. Not in the compulsory retarded way of superstars and starlets, but as a counterrevolution and universal expression of the i-generation. A post-modernistic muscial comedy with the chliches and pawns of a bygone modern era, with loud and silent scraps of the present – a syncronous defueling of neuronal groups, every bit as surreal as brazenly danceable.

MUTABLE TRANSFORMER ACT was released on april 29th, 2011 as key issue of Frankfurt's iconic record label Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics.
The band:

_ drums before
_ bass