Black Cat Zoot


From the album Main Attraction
September, 2006

No Swinging In Your Walking

I remember one hot fullmoon night
dancing round the fire
all the girls took off their shoes
rhythm took us higher

you stood in a save distance
we heard you laugh at us
but as i remember
no one gave a fuss

no swingin in your walking
-- swinging in your walking --
so why should i go your way
there`s nothing tender in your talking
-- tender in your talking --
so why should i do what you say

all you ever do is
mourn and complain
about my life using words like
disgrace and shame

taking my ideas and dreams
as personal insults
wanting me to be like you
but i will sing on

i`ve tried to make you understand
my point of view
so many times but now i know
you wont try anything new
i guarantee you`d feel refreshed
if you listen to what i say
i`m alright couse for some time now
i have found my way

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